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Class of 1996

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About this Website

This website is currently being developed and maintained by an amateur web developer, so please pardon its unpolished nature. I intend to incrementally enhance the site as I have time. Depending on my free time, motivation, and demand, this site can continue to evolve.

Feel free to contact me with suggestions, or if you have content you would like to contribute.

If any web developers want to contribute, here are the languages our hosting plan supports:

Our database backend is MySQL and we are running on Apache on Linux. I am attempting to adhere to the XHTML standard with CSS, and using JavaScript for client-side scripting. I am testing most thoroughly using FireFox 8.0 and IE8 on Windows 7 and high resolution display settings, so let me know if you are having problems with the site in another browser or at lower resolutions.

"Try to learn something about everything
and everything about something."

- Thomas H. Huxley