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My hubby and I at Christmas
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Angela Kaso
Maiden Name: Peterson

Bio: Hi all!

Wow--a lot has happened since I have seen you all. I graduated from UMD in 2000 with a music education degree. Then, after a year of working in Duluth as a voice teacher at UMD, I moved to Cleveland, Ohio to go to the Cleveland Institute of Music for my master's degree in voice. I am now finished with school and have been working for the Orange School District in Pepper Pike, OH as a teacher in a theater program for kids for about 4 years now. I perform with the Cleveland Opera at the State Theater in downtown Cleveland several times a year. I haven't performed lately because of my abundance of voice students and classes at the school.

My love life has changed drastically since high school--as I never dated anyone!! LOL
I am married to the love of my life--a wonderful man from Albania. We were married in February of 2007. Artan is studying for his US medical board exams, and is planning to start his residency next year. He was a doctor in Albania for 2 years, but wanted to move to the US to be with his sister. We met when I was working in a restaurant as a singing server. We've been together ever since!

We are planning to go to Albania in August (my first time), where I will meet his father, sister, and grandmother for the first time. I am so excited!!

I hope all is well with everyone. Email me if you get a chance!!

Take care,

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