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Andrew Vitalis
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Andrew Vitalis

Bio: Hello all.... I have been living with penguins and polar bears in Greenland for the last few years. It's pretty interesting. I survive on whale blubber and whoppers. I know it's hard to believe but Whale blubber actually tastes like pop tarts. Anyway, I work for an International company that is studying the Global Warming problem. I've had to move three times already due to the water movement along the coast. I woke up one morning and I had a seal licking my foot. What a surprise! As far as the reunion goes, I would love to come back but that would mean a 48 hike across the artic and about 4-5 connecting flights. Besides, I have a meeting with the Agunu Tribe scheduled for next week. I am going to watch them sacrifice a whooping crane (it's a tradition that has to do with the climate). Great to hear from everyone and keep in touch.

PS: I am just kidding. I live in Taylors Falls with two kids and a lovely wife. Pretty boring compared to the first story hah?

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